Latest COST Conscious

ISSUE 24-11; May 31, 2024

Topics for Future COST Meetings and Conferences – As we finalize the agendas for the 2024 Regional Meetings and the 2024 Annual Meeting and as we look ahead to 2025, we would like to know what SALT and SALT related topics you want to be included on future conference or regional meeting agendas. We have prepared an initial list of general topics and welcome any additions to the list. Please select

Latest Practitioner Connection

ISSUE 24-12; June 7, 2024

Pending U. S. Supreme Court Tax Case Could Affect Multistate Contractors – A case on appeal to the U.S. Supreme Court from the South Dakota Supreme Court should be on your watch list. It involves Ellingson Drainage, Inc., a general contractor headquartered in Minnesota that specializes in installing drain tile for farming and government applications. During the audit period the company handled pro


Starmer Vows Labour Focus on Wealth Creation to Blunt Tories (1)

June 12, 2024

Keir Starmer said he will put economic growth and wealth creation at the heart of Labour’s manifesto, as his poll-leading opposition party seeks to blunt Conservative attacks about tax before the UK election on July 4.

Pennsylvania Justices Will Review Discriminatory Tax Appeal Suit

June 12, 2024

The Pennsylvania Supreme Court announced Wednesday it will review whether a school district chose to appeal property tax assessments in a discriminatory matter.

Group Asks IRS to Omit ’Funding Rule’ in Stock Buyback Tax Regs

June 12, 2024

A business group is calling on the IRS to scrap part of its proposed regulations on the stock-buyback tax, saying the agency's efforts to fix a problem with the regulations don't go far enough.

’Engines Aren’t Trucks,’ DOJ Tells Court in $400 Million Tax Row

June 12, 2024

An engine may be the "heart" of a truck but it's not the soul—at least for tax purposes, the IRS told a federal appeals court.

California Boutique Hueston Hennigan Hands Out Summer Bonuses

June 12, 2024

Hueston Hennigan is rewarding its lawyers with summer bonuses up to $25,000.

Business Roundtable Plots Eight Figure Campaign on Tax Goals

June 12, 2024

Business Roundtable—a group of more than 200 of the top US firms’ CEOs—is prepared to spend eight figures over the course of its campaign during the 2025 tax negotiations, the association's CEO said Wednesday.

Aflac Matriarch’s Estate Calls Tax Bill ’Mistaken Understanding’

June 12, 2024

The estate of a family behind Aflac Inc. says the government is pursing an $11.7 million tax bill based on "mistaken understanding."

Schumer Vows to Protect Climate Law Investments From Republicans

June 12, 2024

“This is a seminal issue in the election,” Schumer told environmentalists and reporters during a briefing with the League of Conservation Voters at the US Capitol.

Massachusetts Board Slashes Tax Value of Low-Income Apartments

June 12, 2024

A 76-unit apartment building for very low-income adults over age 62 was overvalued because the assessor didn't fully account for restrictions tied to federal subsidies for the project, the Massachusetts Appellate Tax Board ruled.

Oklahoma Justices Axe Voter-Approved Lodging Tax Increase

June 12, 2024

A voter-approved ballot measure increasing lodging taxes in McCurtain County is invalid because the proposal wasn’t advertised properly as required under state law, the Oklahoma Supreme Court said.