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The Jurisdiction to Tax session will review the various restrictions on a state’s ability to impose taxes such as constitutional restrictions, federal legislation and judicial pronouncements. It is for someone with a basic level of state and local tax experience or for someone with more experience who would like a refresher course. No advance preparation is needed. The session is open to tax profe

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Cost Conscious

ISSUE 23-24; December 1, 2023

Reporting Structure of Tax Counsel – Corporate tax departments continue to evolve in an increasingly complex tax and business environment and many corporations are reevaluating the structure of their tax departments. Considering that, we would like to know more about the reporting structure of the tax counsel in your organization. If your organization has one or more tax counsel positions, who do


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BBC India Ruling Prompts Need for Clear Inter-Company Agreements

December 03, 2023

A recent BBC ruling on a transfer pricing case in India underscores the need for Indian companies to carefully analyze and document which expenses can be passed through to their foreign related parties, to avoid unwarranted tax obligations.

Milei Plans Labor, Tax Reform in ‘Shock’ Package, La Nacion Says

December 03, 2023

President-elect Javier Milei aims to present reforms to Argentina’s tax and labor laws, political processes and potential privatizations in an economic “shock” package immediately after taking office on Dec. 10, La Nacion newspaper reported Sunday.

Week in Insights: AirPods Are at Center of EU Carousel Fraud Case

December 03, 2023

This week, our experts covered topics ranging from challenges of the global minimum tax for US employers to how the IRS should respond to a government shutdown. For a look at the latest commentary and analysis, check out our weekly roundup.

US Sets Limits on Chinese Content to Receive EV Tax Credits (3)

December 01, 2023

The Biden administration released long-awaited rules designed to block electric-vehicle manufacturers from sourcing battery materials from China and other foreign adversaries, while giving automakers some flexibility to comply with the new mandates.

IRS News Release: IRS Reminds Taxpayers to Stay Alert Against Emerging Scams

December 01, 2023

The IRS and its Security Summit partners reminded taxpayers and tax professionals to stay alert against emerging scams by email, text, and phone during the upcoming filing season and throughout the year, the IRS announced Dec. 1. [IR-2023-229 (Dec. 1, 2023)]

IRS News Release: IRS Issues Guidance on Clean Vehicle Credit Excluded Entity Restrictions (IRC §30D)

December 01, 2023

The IRS and the Department of Treasury issued proposed regulations and a revenue procedure providing guidance on the excluded entity restriction of the section 30D clean vehicle credit, as amended by the Inflation Reduction Act, the IRS announced Dec. 1. The proposed regulations provide definitions and proposed rules for qualified manufacturers of vehicles to determine eligibility for the clean vehicle credit regarding the excluded entity restrictions. Revenue Procedure 2023-38 provides procedural rules for qualified manufacturers of new clean vehicles to comply with reporting, certification, and attestation requirements regarding the excluded entity restriction. The revenue procedure also updates and consolidated the procedural rules for qualified manufacturers with respect to the clean vehicle credit, the previously owned clean vehicle credit, and the qualified commercial clean vehicle credit. [IR-2023-228 (Dec. 1, 2023)]

California Tax Forecast Falls $58 Billion Short, Signaling Cuts

December 01, 2023

California’s tax revenue fell short of forecasts as expectations of a tax windfall late in the year failed to materialize, the nonpartisan budget advisor office said. 

IRS News Release: IRS Reminds Businesses to Take Extra Steps to Prevent Data Loss, Fraud

December 01, 2023

The IRS and its Security Summit partners reminded businesses to be vigilant against cyberattacks aimed at stealing customer's personal information and other business data., the IRS announced Nov. 30. The IRS said it continues to see instances where small businesses and others face a variety of identity theft related schemes to obtain information that can be used to file fake business tax returns. The IRS said businesses continue to be targets of Form W-2 scams where identity thieves try to trick company leaders into sharing sensitive data. [IR-2023-227 (Nov. 30, 2023]

Chinese Auditors on Notice as Empowered US Regulator Digs Deep

December 01, 2023

Sanctions on Chinese and Hong Kong auditors announced this week reveal just the first problems the US audit regulator is expected to uncover as it uses new access to probe the work of firms that check the books of US-listed businesses based in the two Asian markets.

Tax-Cutting States Get Another Warning About Future Fiscal Peril

December 01, 2023

The week in state tax news: At least some of the 26 states that cut income tax rates over the last few years are likely to feel pain over the next several years, a think tank warns, analyzing the impact of past tax reductions and revenue trends. Meanwhile, New York City officials eye a restoration of property tax lien sales, but in a "gentler" way than before, while more states are raising or removing the transaction threshold for taxing remote sellers, and New Jersey leaders say they'll keep their promise to let a 2.5% corporate surtax sunset at the end of the year.

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MMN Infrastructure Services v. Michigan Department of Treasury

COST filed an amicus brief asking the U.S. Supreme Court to review a decision from the Michigan Supreme Court that allowed the State to tax a significant capital gain for a short period tax return (IRC Sec. 338(h)(10) election) with no representation of that gain in the State’s apportionment factor.

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Comments to Minnesota Local Taxes Advisory Task Force

COST submitted comments to the Minnesota Local Taxes Advisory Task Force with recommendations to improve the overall administration of Minnesota’s local taxes.