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2024 Spring Conference / Audit Session

This three and a half day conference will bring multistate tax professionals, with various levels of experience in state and local income/franchise taxes and sales/use taxes together in an environment that allows for extensive interaction and exchange of information as well as updates on key SALT issues and insights regarding state tax trends and opportunities. The program is targeted to all level

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ISSUE 24-07; April 5, 2024

Recent State and Local Tax Audit Trends – Earlier this year, we posed a question on the Members Forum asking if members had noticed a change in the volume of new state corporate tax audits being initiated in the past two years. That question continues to generate significant interest on the forum and the answers indicate that many COST members have noticed changes in the number and complexity of a


Bloomberg TAX

Florida Forbids Local Regulation of Work Schedules, Heat Exposure

April 12, 2024

Local governments in Florida may not establish employee scheduling or heat exposure requirements not required by federal or state law, under a bill that will mostly go into effect on July 1.

PwC Japan Announces New CEO, Chair for Its Consulting Business

April 12, 2024

PwC announced a new boss Friday for its consulting arm in Japan, where it runs separate firms for different business lines such as audit and consulting.

IRS News Release: Qualified Alternative Fuel Vehicle Refueling Credit, Additional Eligible Census Tracts (IRC §30C)

April 12, 2024

Correction to Notice 2024-20, Appendix A and B, to add additional eligible census tracts for the qualified alternative fuel vehicle refueling property credit, the IRS released. [IR- 2024-107 (Apr. 12, 2024)]

Los Angeles Woman Admits to Covid-19 Loan, Tax Credit Scheme

April 12, 2024

Casie Hynes has pleaded guilty to one count of wire fraud and one count of false claims in connection with a scheme to obtain Covid-19 government loans and tax credits, the Justice Department said Thursday.

Supreme Court Sides With Business on SEC Liability Requirement (1)

April 12, 2024

The US Supreme Court agreed that a "pure omission" in an SEC filing can't give rise to a securities class action without some statement shareholders can point to that's misleading.

IRS Internal Revenue Bulletin: 2024-16 IRB Released

April 12, 2024

The IRS has published its Internal Revenue Bulletin. [Internal Revenue Bulletin 2024-16 (Apr. 15, 2024)]

OECD Aims To Solve Home Office Permanent Establishment Tax Issue

April 12, 2024

The OECD is turning its attention to the tax risks of corporate employees setting up home offices abroad, an adviser said.

HILL TAX BRIEF: Lawmakers Stake Out Positions for 2025 Tax Fight

April 12, 2024

Democrats and Republicans used a House Ways and Means Committee hearing Thursday to preview arguments they will make next year, when much of the GOP’s 2017 tax law expires.

Climate Lenders With $20 Billion in Grants Weigh Risk and Reward

April 12, 2024

The recipients of $20 billion in White House awards to fight climate change say they're prepared to bulk up the nation's clean financing capacity without taking on undue risk.

OECD Steps Up Mineral Pricing Guidance Amid Clean Energy Push

April 12, 2024

The OECD is ramping up efforts to help developing countries address challenges of intercompany pricing of critical minerals—such as lithium and copper—that are increasingly essential in developing clean technologies.

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COST - Council on State Taxation

Amicus Briefs

Garcia, D. v. American Eagle Outfitters, Inc.

COST’s brief in the Supreme Court of Pennsylvania Western District addresses whether a class action filed under Pennsylvania’s consumer protection laws for alleged overcollections of sales tax should be dismissed.

COST - Council on State Taxation

COST Studies, Articles & Reports

Mandatory Worldwide Combined Reporting: Elegant in Theory but Harmful in Implementation

This paper documents the harmful and unnecessary implications surrounding state adoption of mandatory worldwide combined reporting (MWWCR), by Douglas L. Lindholm and Marilyn A. Wethekam of the Council On State Taxation (COST).

COST - Council on State Taxation

COST Comments & Testimony

Testimony in Opposition to Amendment in H.B 1893 Relating to Corporate Income Tax Disclosure

On April 2 COST submitted comments to the Tennessee House Finance, Ways, and Means Committee in opposition to the amendment to H.B. 1893, which would require the Department of Revenue to publicly disclose on its website the names of taxpayers who received a refund pursuant to the bill and the amount of such refund.