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2024 SALT Workshop for Technology Companies

This Workshop will cover the key state and local tax issues that technology companies (both start-up and established) are facing such as state taxation of Digital Business Inputs, FITFA, sourcing, apportionment, streaming, marketplace facilitators, digital service taxes and much more. Leading state tax experts will share technical expertise and knowledge they have gained from practicing in these

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Legislative Alert

ISSUE 24-28; July 16, 2024

COST Joins Coalition Letter Expressing Opposition to Revised DC Data Excise Tax Proposal; Advocacy Efforts Against Oregon Initiative to Increase Corporate Minimum Tax

Cost Conscious

ISSUE 24-14; July 12, 2024

Navigating the Tax Clearance Letter Process in Texas – One of the administrative hurdles that SALT professionals deal with regularly is obtaining Tax Clearance Letters or Certificates of Good Standing from taxing authorities. It has come to our attention that many COST members have experienced significant difficulty obtaining Tax Clearance Letters in Texas. What has been your experience in obtaini


Bloomberg TAX

‘Sensationally Unpredictable’ US Election Clouds Policy View (1)

July 24, 2024

The shock replacement of the Democratic presidential candidate less than four months before the US election has introduced a new element of uncertainty about the outlook for economic policy in 2025 and beyond.

Two US Tax Court Nominees Move Toward Senate Confirmation Vote (1)

July 24, 2024

Two of President Joe Biden's US Tax Court judge picks moved a step closer to confirmation in the Senate on Wednesday.

European Commission Urges Hungary to Repeal Its Immigration Tax

July 24, 2024

Hungary should repeal its immigration tax, which hampers the work of groups that try to help migrants and refugees, the European Commission said Wednesday.

NY Tax Chief Defends ’Retroactive’ Fixes After Court Losses

July 24, 2024

California has faced tax practitioners' criticism for passing legislation undoing a ruling that granted Microsoft a $94 million income tax refund. But tax officials from other states said Wednesday that such cleanup bills are fair when the law as written isn't achieving lawmakers' policy objectives.

New Jersey Is Latest State to Join Expanded IRS Direct File Tool

July 24, 2024

New Jersey is joining the IRS's Direct File system in 2025, a spokesperson for the New Jersey Department of the Treasury said Wednesday, giving eligible residents the option to file their federal income tax returns for free directly with the IRS.

Connecticut Supreme Court Affirms Fuel Cell Maker Tax Exemption

July 24, 2024

The Connecticut Supreme Court ruled Wednesday that a carbonate fuel cell maker shouldn't have faced penalties for failing to declare an installation of its technology because that property qualifies for a renewable energy tax exemption.

Verizon’s Income Tax Loss Should Stand, Florida Tells High Court

July 24, 2024

The Florida Supreme Court should skip Verizon Communications Inc.'s request to reopen closed tax years to allow it to take corporate income tax deductions it didn’t realize were available, the state revenue department responded Wednesday.

Super 8 Motel Loses Bid for Covid-Tied Ohio Property Tax Break

July 24, 2024

A Super 8 motel is stuck with a $2.35 million valuation for tax purposes after failing on Wednesday to convince an Ohio tribunal that its property's worth was affected by the Covid-19 pandemic.

Class of Out-of-State Investors, California Spar in LLC Tax Case

July 24, 2024

California and a certified class of out-of-state investors filed dueling motions urging a state trial court to rule in their favor in a dispute over who is subject to a minimum franchise tax.

FinCEN Adds to FAQs on Company Ownership Information Reporting

July 24, 2024

A Treasury Department unit added to its list of questions and answers Wednesday on how companies should comply with new requirements to disclose more about their ownership.

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Dine Brands Global, Inc. V. Eubanks and The Walt Disney Company v. Eubanks

COST filed an amicus brief on June 14 asking the Michigan Supreme Court to affirm the decision of the Court of Appeals in Dine Brands Global, Inc. V. Eubanks and The Walt Disney Company v. Eubanks, where the court held an examination or audit conducted by the Treasurer was not an “action or proceeding” under the Michigan Unclaimed Property Act and did not toll the statute of limitations

COST - Council on State Taxation

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COST - Council on State Taxation

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Joint Letter in Opposition to TRC’s Consideration of a Data Excise Tax

COST again joined a coalition letter in strong opposition to DC Tax Reform Commission’s continued consideration of a data excise tax.