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2024 Forum on U.S. State and Local Taxes for European Companies (London)

1 day conference on U.S. State and Local Taxes for European companies. Leading practitioners with dedicated knowledge in this area will help attendees understand the tax requirements and risks of doing business or expanding into the vastly lucrative U.S. market. Differences between the U.S. and European tax systems will be covered and attendees will learn about threshold issues such as nexus an

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ISSUE 24-08; February 27, 2024

COST Opposes Mandatory Worldwide Combined Reporting in Maryland; COST Urges New Mexico Governor to Line-Item Veto Foreign Source Income Provisions in Tax Omnibus Bill

Cost Conscious

ISSUE 24-04; February 23, 2024

Monetary Threshold for Imposing Sales Tax Collection Obligation – After the U.S. Supreme Court’s Wayfair decision, all states with a general sales tax now impose a collection responsibility on remote sellers that uses, at least in part, a monetary sales threshold. The sales used to calculate the threshold differ among the states but fall within one of three buckets: 1) gross sales, which includes


Bloomberg TAX

UK Tax Office Flags Three More Companies For Tax Avoidance Risks

March 01, 2024

The UK tax office added three new companies to its name-and-shame list for tax avoidance providers on Thursday, cracking down with new powers.

Microsoft’s California Win Signals More Large Refunds to Come

March 01, 2024

Microsoft Corp.'s $94 million win before the California Office of Tax Appeals regarding the treatment of repatriated income opens the door for a broad range of multinational companies to seek similar income tax refunds, tax practitioners say.

Canada’s New Advance Pricing Agreement Program Called Restrictive

March 01, 2024

Companies seeking advance agreements with tax authorities in Canada on their transfer pricing methods will face more restrictions than they've seen in the past, tax lawyers said.

Conoco Suit Highlights Conflict in State Transfer Pricing Audits

March 01, 2024

Louisiana’s court battle against oil and gas giant ConocoPhillips Co. over an alleged pattern of profit shifting to mitigate tax liabilities has illuminated the opaque world of state transfer pricing disputes and raised concerns about a more aggressive audit environment.

Disputed California Tax Hike Ballot Measure Seen as Disruptive

March 01, 2024

Jordan Goodman of HMB Law examines a state tax ballot measure pending before a California court that opponents say contains impermissable revisions and would disrupt how the state and localities impose taxes.

Russia Squeezes Oil Firms to Protect Tax Revenue Crucial for War

March 01, 2024

Moscow has for the first time ever activated its so-called price floor mechanism to shield the flow of petrodollars to its state budget from western energy sanctions. 

Falling UK Power Prices Generate Another Tax Hole for Treasury

March 01, 2024

Falling power prices are set to leave a hole in the UK Treasury’s finances as receipts dwindle from the windfall profit tax imposed on electricity generators during the energy crisis.

Jeremy Hunt Turns to Retail Investors to Save the UK Market

March 01, 2024

Jeremy Hunt wants UK retail investors to help revive the fortune of the country’s ailing stock market, which has been beset by underperformance, outflows and an exodus of companies.

Indian Stocks Can See Tailwind From Taxes Boosting Nation’s GDP

February 29, 2024

Indian equities will likely enjoy a net positive from taxes boosting the country’s economic growth.

Congress Approves Interim Funds to Avert US Government Shutdown

February 29, 2024

Congress approved temporary funding to avert a Saturday partial US government shutdown, sending the bill to President Joe Biden for his signature.

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COST - Council on State Taxation

Amicus Briefs

Olympic and Georgia Partners, LLC v County of Los Angeles

COST filed an amicus brief in a California property tax case addressing the exclusion of certain intangible values in a hotel’s valuation that is pending before the Supreme Court of California. COST’s brief addresses a cost reimbursement provided by the City of Los Angeles and why that income should be excluded as an intangible value when capitalizing the income stream of the property. Issues with

COST - Council on State Taxation

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COST Scorecard: The Best and Worst of State Tax Administration (2023)

The Council On State Taxation (COST) is pleased to release its 2023 Scorecard on state tax appeals processes and administrative practices. This eighth Administrative Scorecard continues to apply objective criteria to evaluate independence in tax appeals systems and key procedural elements that impact taxpayers’ perceptions of fairness and efficiency.

COST - Council on State Taxation

COST Comments & Testimony

Letter in Opposition to Vermont's Efforts to Impose Mandatory Worldwide Combined Reporting

COST submitted this letter to the Vermont Committee on Ways and Means expressing COST’s opposition to the committee’s efforts to repeal the “water’s-edge” provision in Vermont’s corporate income tax statute and impose a mandatory worldwide unitary combined reporting tax scheme on Vermont’s corporate taxpayers.