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2024 SALT Workshop for Technology Companies

This Workshop will cover the key state and local tax issues that technology companies (both start-up and established) are facing such as state taxation of Digital Business Inputs, FITFA, sourcing, apportionment, streaming, marketplace facilitators, digital service taxes and much more. Leading state tax experts will share technical expertise and knowledge they have gained from practicing in these

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ISSUE 24-12; JUne 14, 2024

Using the COST 50-State Outline – COST’s 50-State Tax Developments Outline provides a detailed compilation of important legislative, regulatory, litigation, and administrative developments in each state and is available to active COST members and Practitioner Partners. The Outline is traditionally updated every six months by our Practitioner Partners and provided at our Spring Conference, Annual M


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California Health Worker Minimum Wage Delayed in Budget Deal

June 22, 2024

A new minimum wage for California health care workers will be delayed until at least Oct. 15 under an agreement between state legislators and Democratic Gov. Gavin Newsom.

Atlanta Business’ Film, Real Estate Deductions Draw IRS Lawsuit

June 21, 2024

A business owned by prominent Atlanta executive Richard Jackson owes $38 million in taxes and penalties because it underreported $72 million in taxable income for 2019, the IRS told the US Tax Court Friday.

Colombia’s Top-Scoring Soccer Star Balks at National Wealth Tax

June 21, 2024

The top scorer in the history of Colombia’s national team is coming home, but only for six months because he doesn’t want to pay the nation’s wealth tax. 

South Carolina Easement Lawsuit Seeks $28 Million Deduction

June 21, 2024

A South Carolina partnership sued the IRS for denying its $28.4 million charitable contribution deduction, arguing the agency acted arbitrarily and didn't explain why its easement conveyance couldn't support its claimed tax benefit.

Reality Stars’ Tax Evasion Convictions Affirmed by Appeals Court

June 21, 2024

The stars of the USA Network reality television program "Chrisley Knows Best" failed to convince a federal appeals court on Friday that they're entitled to a new trial after being found guilty of tax evasion and bank fraud.

Washington State Retail Delivery Fee Could Raise $160 Million

June 21, 2024

A fee of 30 cents for every online retail order delivered to a doorstep in Washington state could generate as much as $160 million a year to fund transportation projects, according to a draft report from the Washington State Joint Transportation Committee.

EU Report Shows Draft Tax Rules Face Multiple Hold-ups

June 21, 2024

EU countries continue to make slow progress in agreeing on new tax rules, with discussions often stuck at technical level, according to a state-of-play report approved by EU finance ministers Friday.

Washington Judges Open to Better Business Bureau’s Tax Argument

June 21, 2024

A Washington state appeals court panel seemed to agree with the Better Business Bureau at oral arguments Friday that its business and occupation tax refund case shouldn't have been dismissed before trial.

Case: Petitioners Unable to Establish Good Faith Reliance on Professional Advice Where Evidence Did Not Show Preparer Was Competent (T.C. Bench) (IRC §6664)

June 21, 2024

Petitioners did not meet the burden for establishing reasonable cause and good faith by relying on professional advice and were therefore liable for accuracy-related penalties, held the U.S. Tax Court in a bench opinion. Petitioners, a married couple, hired a tax preparer recommended by a family member to prepare their 2019 tax return, which reported various expenses related to their rental property business and wife's nursing business that was not operational in 2019. After examining their 2019 return, the IRS assessed accuracy-related penalties pursuant to I.R.C. §6662(a). Petitioners argued that the accuracy-related penalties should not apply because they had established reasonable cause and good faith by relying on the advice of their tax preparer. The court held Petitioners failed to meet the burden of demonstrating their preparer was competent, finding the preparer: (1) did not sign the return; (2) reported expenses for a business that no longer operated; and (3) reported expenses on the incorrect schedule. In finding Petitioners did not meet the reasonable cause and good faith reliance exception, the court also noted Petitioner-wife testified that incorrect expenses were reported on the 2019 tax return and she did not review the tax return before signing it. [Hall v. Commissioner, No. 3467-23 (T.C. Bench June 21 2024)]

UK Businesses Push Back on Tax Crackdown in Election Talks

June 21, 2024

Political contenders in the UK's general elections next month should focus more on simplifying the country's tax system instead of on curbing tax avoidance, according to several company tax officials.

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Amicus Briefs

Dine Brands Global, Inc. V. Eubanks and The Walt Disney Company v. Eubanks

COST filed an amicus brief on June 14 asking the Michigan Supreme Court to affirm the decision of the Court of Appeals in Dine Brands Global, Inc. V. Eubanks and The Walt Disney Company v. Eubanks, where the court held an examination or audit conducted by the Treasurer was not an “action or proceeding” under the Michigan Unclaimed Property Act and did not toll the statute of limitations

COST - Council on State Taxation

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Is E-Invoicing Relevant In The US State Sales Tax Context?

This study, prepared by EY Quantitative Economics and Statistics Group (QUEST), explores the rise of e-invoicing in tax administration in dozens of value-added tax (VAT) systems around the world and analyzes e-invoicing from a U.S. state tax policy perspective. The study highlights key differences between VAT and U.S. state sales tax systems that make e-invoicing less relevant in the United States

COST - Council on State Taxation

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CalTax Coalition Letter in Opposition to Proposed Business Tax Increases in A.B. 167, S.B. 167 (Assembly Letter)

COST joined CalTax coalition in opposing various business tax increases in California A.B. 167, S.B. 167, including suspension of the net operating loss deduction, limiting the utilization of business tax incentives and credits such as research and development tax credit, and directly reversing the recent OTA decision in Microsoft by requiring certain revenues to be excluded from a business’ appor