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52nd Annual Meeting

COST’s Annual Meeting is COST’s largest meeting each year. Attendees attend presentations the most pressing issues in all State Tax areas, as well as the highly regarded COST Audit Sessions and Chamber of Commerce Roundtables. Topics have not yet been determined but will be listed here once they’ve been selected.

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Legislative Alert

ISSUE 21-41; October 12, 2021

Update on Streamlined Sales Tax Governing Board Annual Meeting; COST Requests Withdrawal of Proposed Mississippi Rule Amendments Addressing Taxation of Cloud Computing

Cost Conscious

ISSUE 21-20; October 8, 2021

Tax Department and State and Local Tax Function Benchmarking Part I – The structure, function, priorities, and collaboration requirements of tax departments continue to evolve. The structure of a corporate tax department can be particularly impactful to the SALT function because many aspects of a business influence SALT. Which of the following best describes the structure of your global corporate


Bloomberg TAX

Fanatics Pays $1.5 Million to New York for Sales Tax Violations

October 19, 2021

Fanatics Inc. will pay New York more than $1.5 million in damages and penalties to resolve a whistleblower complaint alleging the sports memorabilia seller undercollected sales taxes from online sales for at least three years.

Democrats Float $10,000 Threshold for Bank-Account Reporting (2)

October 19, 2021

Democrats are vowing to crack down on tax cheats by giving banks new requirements to disclose to the IRS accounts that have total annual inflows or withdrawals of at least $10,000.

Schumer Says Democrats Aim for Deal This Week on Biden Agenda

October 19, 2021

Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer said Tuesday that congressional Democrats aim to seal a deal this week on Joe Biden’s economic agenda, as feuding liberals and moderates prepare to meet with the president at the White House. 

NYC Isn’t Keeping Track of Aid Dollars, Says Comptroller Nominee

October 19, 2021

New York City is getting more than $15 billion in federal pandemic relief aid to keep schools, hospitals and other essential parts of the city running. The problem is that there’s no real accounting of where all that money went, says Democratic nominee for Comptroller Brad Lander. 

Schumer Says Democrats Want Deal This Week on Economic Plan

October 19, 2021

Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer said Tuesday that Democrats want a deal this week on a new framework for passing President Joe Biden’s economic agenda. 

IRS Facing Delays Modernizing 60-Year-Old IT System, GAO Says

October 19, 2021

The IRS is years behind in replacing a 60-year-old IT system that serves as the official data source for individual tax account information and is used for a large portion of tax-processing activities, the U.S. Government Accountability Office said Tuesday.

Debtors Can’t Avoid Tax Penalty Lien on California Home

October 19, 2021

A lawsuit by two debtors seeking to avoid a lien that was placed on their home to secure the IRS's tax penalty claim was rightly dismissed because the trustee of their bankruptcy estate had tried to avoid the tax lien, a federal appeals court ruled.

IRS to Focus on Retirement Plans’ Tax Compliance, Official Says

October 19, 2021

Private foundations and retirement plans will receive increased tax compliance scrutiny in fiscal 2022 from the Internal Revenue Service's tax exempt division, an agency official said Tuesday.

NYC to See Modest Sales-Tax Hit From Remote Work, Stringer Says

October 19, 2021

New York City sales-tax revenue is likely to decline by an estimated $111 million annually as a result of people working from home, according to City Comptroller Scott Stringer. 

Companies Backing Climate In Spending Bill Raise Tax Concerns

October 19, 2021

Major companies, including BP America Inc., Exelon Corp., Mars Inc., Nestle SA and Royal Dutch Shell urged congressional leaders to pass “robust climate provisions in the Build Back Better Act,” while warning against tax changes that could impair their investments in clean energy. 

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COST - Council on State Taxation

Amicus Briefs

Rockey and Linda Piazza and Paul Dennucci, as Assignees of Best Buy Stores, Inc. v. Glenn Hegar

On June 2, COST filed a joinder to an amicus brief of the Texas Retailers Association and the National Retail Federation filed in support of the taxpayers’ Motion for Reconsideration.

COST - Council on State Taxation

COST Studies, Articles & Reports

Convergence and Divergence of Global and U.S. Tax Policies (Tax Notes State, Volume 101, p. 937-976)

In this article, COST’s Karl Frieden and EY’s Barbara Angus describe the unprecedented convergence of international, federal, and state tax policies represented by the OECD/G-20 pillar 1 and 2 proposals; the importance of approaching U.S. tax policy from the perspective of aggregate federal and state tax impacts; and the potential risk of divergence between U.S. and global income tax rules that co

COST - Council on State Taxation

COST Comments & Testimony

Testimony in Support of S.B. 1920 - Estimated Prepayment of Sales Tax

COST does not advocate for the advanced payment of sales tax but supports Massachusetts S.B. 1920 because it would provide a safe-harbor calculation methodology for sellers required to remit an advanced payment of sales tax, and represents a much less burdensome calculation.