Wednesday, July 22nd

Today’s Most Important State Indirect Tax Legislation & Cases (Excluding Property Taxes)
Loren Chumley, KPMG LLP
Lindsay LaCava, Baker & McKenzie LLP
Fredrick Nicely, COST
Patrick Reynolds, COST

Mitigating Problems with the Taxation of Mixed Transactions (Integrated/Bundled Products) and Digital Goods/Services
Brett Durbin, Lane Powell PC
Diane Yetter, YETTER

Thursday, July 23rd

Best Practices for Managing Indirect Tax Disputes – Including Taking the Bite Out of Difficult Audits
Trevor Mauck, Baker & McKenzie LLP
Diane Yetter, YETTER

Special Report: Property Tax and Unclaimed Property Emerging Issues/Trends
Josh Hennessey, KPMG LLP
Eric Kodesch, Lane Powell PC
Fredrick Nicely, COST
Patrick Reynolds, COST

Friday, July 24th

Utilizing Technology in Today’s Tax Function to Improve Your Indirect Tax Operations 
Sam Guevara, KPMG LLP
Diane Yetter, YETTER

Strategies to Deal with Gross Receipts Taxes (both state and local)
Nikki Dobay, COST
Scott Edwards, Lane Powell PC
Mark Yopp, Baker & McKenzie LLP