Tuition Information

  • Individual tuition includes accommodations (arrival Sunday, departure Thursday), all meals and daily snacks, materials, in-room internet, meeting room internet and evening entertainment. Reservations will be made for you.
  • For individuals who live in the Atlanta area and plan to commute each day to the school, the commuter fee includes materials, evening activities, meals and in meeting room internet.
  • Spouses/Guests may register with COST to attend all food functions for $350.
  • The school is open to tax professionals from industry (both COST member and non-COST member companies) and from practitioner firms. 
  • NOTE:  Cancellations for the Intermediate/Advanced State Income and Sales Tax Schools: There will be a 50% cancellation fee for cancellations received before 5:00 p.m. on April 24.  Cancellations received thereafter will not be refunded.  All cancellations/substitutions must be in writing. 

Registration Fees


Registrations Received by April 24, 2020

Registrations Received After April 24, 2020

COST Members



COST Practitioner Partner



All Other Attendees



Commuter Attendees



Spouse/Guest who may be traveling with the School attendee may register with COST to attend all food events