comments and testimony

COST engages in the legislative and regulatory process through testimony before legislative and administrative bodies, written comments, and by retaining local lobbyists to directly advocate for specific issues.  COST's participation is driven in large part by member support and is contingent upon the issue falling under COST's mission statement: "To preserve and promote equitable and nondiscriminatory state and local taxation of multijurisdictional business entities."  For questions or additional information please contact Doug Lindholm.



Date StateTitle
02/24/2015MontanaLetter Re. Montana Senate Bill 167 – “Tax Haven” List Expansion
02/20/2015New HampshireTestimony re. New Hampshire House Bill 551-FN - Tax Havens
02/17/2015WashingtonLetter in Support of Creation of Tax Appeal Division in Washington, SB 5449
02/17/2015IndianaTestimony in Opposition to Proposed Amendment to IN S.B. 436
02/11/2015MarylandTestimony in Opposition to Maryland SB 179 – MUCR
02/06/2015FederalLetter in Support of the Senate Introduction of the Mobile Workforce Legislation
02/04/2015OregonTestimony Opposing H.B. 2099 – A Bill to Modify and Expand the List of “Tax Haven” Nations for Inclusion in the Corporate Income Tax Base
01/21/2015DelawareTestimony in Support of Delaware Senate Bill 11
01/19/2015OregonCOST Input on DOR Tax Haven Report
01/15/2015FederalCOST Letter to the House Judiciary Committee Chairman in Support of the Mobile Workforce Legislation
01/09/2015All StatesComments on Concept of Hybrid-Origin Sourcing
12/29/2014All StatesComments to the Uniform Law Commission re: Revisions to the Uniform Unclaimed Property Act
11/18/2014OhioTestimony Regarding Ohio House Bill 5 – Municipal Income Tax Reform
10/31/2014DelawareComments Re. Delaware Proposed Amended Regulation 1114, Alternative Franchise Tax
10/16/2014GeorgiaComments Re. Georgia Proposed Rule, ‘Alternative Method of Determining Income’
10/01/2014DelawareComments at the Delaware Unclaimed Property Task Force Meeting
09/19/2014South CarolinaTestimony for Meeting on Alternative Allocation and Apportionment Methods
09/18/2014New JerseyTestimony for Committee Hearing re: A. 939 – State Tax Expenditures
09/10/2014DelawareTestimony to the Delaware Unclaimed Property Task Force