comments and testimony

COST engages in the legislative and regulatory process through testimony before legislative and administrative bodies, written comments, and by retaining local lobbyists to directly advocate for specific issues.  COST's participation is driven in large part by member support and is contingent upon the issue falling under COST's mission statement: "To preserve and promote equitable and nondiscriminatory state and local taxation of multijurisdictional business entities."  For questions or additional information please contact Doug Lindholm.



Date StateTitle
11/23/2015OregonComments to the Oregon DOR - Amendment to Tax Haven Regulation
11/23/2015OregonComments to the Oregon Department of Revenue re: Financial Institutions
11/04/2015MichiganTestimony Re. Michigan Property Tax Proposal
09/09/2015AlabamaComments in Opposition to Alabama Senate Bill 12 - MUCR
07/23/2015FederalCOST Letter to the Editor of STN Re. Article on CBO Report on Mobile Workforce Bill
07/15/2015IowaComments Regarding Iowa's Property Tax Treatment of Telecommunications Companies
07/09/2015MassachusettsLetter in Opposition to the Repeal of the FAS 109 Deduction in MA Budget
07/06/2015All StatesLetter to Uniform Law Commission Re: Unclaimed Property Act Revision
06/12/2015District of ColumbiaLetter to the DC Council Chair re. Proposed Tax Haven Language in the BSA
06/10/2015PennsylvaniaTestimony in Pennsylvania re. Tax Burden Shifting Proposals
06/08/2015MassachusettsTestimony in Opposition to Tax Haven Legislation in Massachusetts
06/02/2015FederalTestimony for June 2 Subcommittee on Regulatory Reform, Commercial and Antitrust Law Hearing on H.R. 2315
05/28/2015OregonLetter to Oregon House Revenue Committee Re. House Bills 2099 and 2077
05/26/2015CaliforniaCOST Joins California Coalition in Opposition to Assembly Bill 567
05/18/2015FederalRe: Support for Limiting the Expansion of the Role of Outside Contractors in the Tax Examination Process
05/15/2015All StatesLetter Re: Holders Coalition Recommendations re 1995 Uniform Unclaimed Property Act Revision
05/14/2015South CarolinaLetter Re. SC Ruling on Alternative Apportionment Methods
05/12/2015District of ColumbiaLetter Regarding Statute of Limitations Provisions in the BSA
05/06/2015OhioTestimony Re. Ohio House Bill 64 (State Budget)