comments and testimony

COST engages in the legislative and regulatory process through testimony before legislative and administrative bodies, written comments, and by retaining local lobbyists to directly advocate for specific issues.  COST's participation is driven in large part by member support and is contingent upon the issue falling under COST's mission statement: "To preserve and promote equitable and nondiscriminatory state and local taxation of multijurisdictional business entities."  For questions or additional information please contact Doug Lindholm.



Date StateTitle
05/10/2016FederalComments on MTC Hearing Officer Report
05/07/2016LouisianaTestimony Re: Deduction for Dividend Income
05/07/2016LouisianaTestimony Re: Purchases of Manufacturing Machinery and Equipment
05/07/2016LouisianaTestimony Re: Net Louisiana Operating Loss
05/04/2016GeorgiaComments Re. Georgia DOR Proposed Amendments
04/25/2016District of ColumbiaTestimony in Opposition to FAS 109 Deduction Delay in Washington, DC
04/18/2016CaliforniaCOST Joins Opposition to California Corporate Disclosure Bill (S.B. 1010)
03/31/2016 Comments on Delaware VDA and Escheat Examination Manual
03/28/2016ColoradoTestimony Re: HB 1275 - Tax Havens
03/11/2016MarylandTestimony to the Maryland General Assembly Senate Budget and Taxation Committee In Opposition to SB 432 (MUCR)
03/11/2016MarylandTestimony to theMaryland General Assembly House Ways and Means Committee In Opposition to House Bill 1419 (MUCR)
03/07/2016FederalComments to MTC regarding Sec. 17 Market-Based Sourcing Regulations
03/04/2016MarylandTestimony in Opposition to Combined Reporting Legislation in Maryland
03/02/2016GeorgiaComments Re: Concerns with Notice SUT 2016-001 – Proposed Modifications to Georgia Department of Revenue’s Direct Pay Requirements
03/02/2016MarylandTestimony in Support of Maryland Senate Bill 844
02/29/2016New JerseyTestimony in Opposition to New Jersey Combined Reporting Legislation
02/24/2016ColoradoTestimony in Opposition to Colorado H.B. 1275
02/23/2016FederalComments on the Latest Uniform Unclaimed Property Act (RUUPA) Draft
02/17/2016LouisianaTestimony Re. Louisiana Legislative Proposals on Addback Laws