comments and testimony

COST engages in the legislative and regulatory process through testimony before legislative and administrative bodies, written comments, and by retaining local lobbyists to directly advocate for specific issues.  COST's participation is driven in large part by member support and is contingent upon the issue falling under COST's mission statement: "To preserve and promote equitable and nondiscriminatory state and local taxation of multijurisdictional business entities."  For questions or additional information please contact Doug Lindholm.



Date StateTitle
04/17/2017MaineCOST’s Support of Proposal (L.D. 290, H.P. 223) to Eliminate Insurance Premiums Tax on Annuities
04/17/2017TexasComments in Opposition to H.B. 2829
04/17/2017CaliforniaCOST Joins Coalition Letter in California in Support of A.B. 600
04/13/2017ColoradoTestimony in Support of Colorado H.B. 1216 - Sales and Use Tax Simplification Task Force
04/12/2017CaliforniaCOST Joins Coalition Letter in Support of California Senate Bill 375
04/05/2017NevadaTestimony Re: Comments in Support of A.B. 281 – Commerce Tax Filing Changes
04/05/2017MontanaTestimony Re: COST Opposes the “Throwout” Provision in H.B. 511
04/04/2017ConnecticutTestimony Re: Retroactive Tax Provisions in Secs. 2, 3, and 13 of Raised Bill No. 7312
04/03/2017OregonTestimony in Opposition to “Throwback” Provision in Amendments to Oregon S.B. 28
04/03/2017AlabamaTestimony in Opposition to MUCR Proposal in Alabama
03/31/2017MassachusettsComments on Massachusetts H.B. 1 - Daily Remittance of Sales Tax
03/29/2017WashingtonTestimony in Support of the Independent Tax Tribunal Bill in Washington
03/29/2017MaineLetter in Support of Legislation to Eliminate Maine’s Insurance Premiums Tax on Annuities
03/27/2017MaineTestimony in Opposition to Tax Haven Legislation in Maine
03/22/2017ArizonaTestimony in Opposition to Arizona S.B. 1242
03/21/2017ColoradoComments Re Proposed Changes to 39-26-105(1)(c) and 39-26-102.22 in Colorado
03/21/2017GeorgiaTestimony in Support of Georgia H.B. 93
03/20/2017ArkansasComments re Retroactive Sales and Tourism Tax Provisions in Arkansas S.B. 663
03/17/2017MinnesotaComments re. MN HF 1226 for House Tax Committee Hearing